ChoiceSecure offers the most comprehensive identity theft protection available today. If at any time your identity is compromised or you become a victim of identity theft you are 100% protected. The extent of the crime is scoped through an incident investigation allowing us to identify and then remove the entirety of the damage.

Incident Investigation
Identity theft is a crime that spreads quickly. When suspicious activity is noticed, a detailed investigation is required to properly scope the problem and prescribe solutions. When suspicious activity occurs, our fraud analysts will thoroughly investigate and pinpoint where identity theft is occurring which include:

CRAs (Credit Reporting Agencies)
- Equifax
- Experian
- TransUnion

Check Reporting Agencies
- ChexSystems
- TeleCheck

Driving Records
- Department of Motor Vehicles

Medical Records
- Medical Information Bureau

Criminal Records
- National Criminal Information Center Records

Sex Offender Records
- National Sex Offender Registry

Terrorist Records
- Office of Foreign Assets Control Records

Public Court Records
- PACER Database

Social Security Records
- Social Security Number Index

Full Service Resolution Services
Powered by a limited power of attorney, the ChoiceSecure service provides the most robust and worry-free method for victims of identity theft to restore their good name. ChoiceSecure will act on your behalf to request all documents necessary to achieve resolution and will forward them to the proper authorities to ensure that you are cleared of any criminal behavior perpetrated under your name.

Unlike insurance, which merely reimburses you for expenses related to the resolution process, ChoiceSecure does all of the work for you. Unlike other resolution services, ChoiceSecure handles ALL forms of identity theft including family, medical, and criminal.

* Eligible for personal checking account holders. For questions please contact your Bank of Choice Representative.

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